All In One Bug Bounty Resources

Ashish Dhone
6 min readJun 1, 2020

Hello Everyone,

Why I gave the title “All In One” is because I will be covering bug bounty platforms, books, list of practice and training programs, methodologies, tools, and wordlist so that beginners should get to know from where and how to start there bug hunting journey !!

I wish very good luck to you while entering into bug hunting journey but remember as you are getting into it don’t give up because it will definitely take some time, maybe you won't get any bugs in starting maybe you will get duplicate but remember that duplicate is a valid submission and you are on right track to move but one day your smart work will definitely give you a reward.

Set your heart upon your work but never on its reward — LORD KRISHNA

Bug Bounty Platforms

Here you will find bug bounty platforms to start with your journey where you will have a list of programs to carry out your penetration testing, submitting bugs, and getting rewarded for the same !!






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